Crypto on Red Hat

We believe that Red Hat based Linux distributions, such as RHEL, CentOS and Fedora, are the superior deployment platform for cryptocurrencies.


Crypto RPMs packages ship SELinux policies for Bitcoin and derivative cryptocurrencies. SELinux helps to protect your wallet from zero day attacks.


RPM packages integrate seamlessly into Fedora and Red Hat based systems, following distribution packaging standards and allowing you to stay up to date.


We have been publishing cryptocurrency RPM packages since 2012 and can help you integrate cryptocurrency into your product or service.

Contact / Security

The Crypto RPMs GPG key is CC3A 81A4 9BC5 9056 D43A 3411 8F41 BEB2 6AA9 2F4D


Email [email protected] for general inquiries or to report security issues. Sensitive information may be encrypted with our GPG key. You can also use the contact form provided.

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